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I teach women entrepreneurs to gain confidence, conquer overwhelm, and achieve their goals faster!

Are your fears and self-doubt keeping you stuck in place? Do you start planning and get too overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re doing “all the things” only to feel exhausted with little to show for your efforts. What if I told you you’re making it all too hard and I can help you SIMPLIFY and ENJOY your transformation? 

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DEvelopment Services

I have something [FREE] for you!

Goal Getter's Guide to Starting + Growing Your Own Business!

  • You have serious interest in starting your own business.
  • You know and love your craft/area of expertise, but you have no idea about the business side of things.
  • You want to take your side hustle from "expensive hobby" to income-producing.
  • You've started a business, but you're not sure you're doing the right things to move forward.



Development Services Designed for YOUR Success

Learn. Connect. Support.

A Circle of Business Besties sharing experiences and advice.

- Monthly Thursday evening meeting with a personal/professional development presenter + relationship-building time.
- Monthly Friday Morning Coffee meeting focused on relationship-building and problem-solving through group conversation.
- Private Facebook Community.

premier membership group for women entrepreneurs/women in business in Central Ohio. 

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Success Pod

A 6 month, online, small group coaching program.

WARNING: This is not a “pay your money and you’re on your own to learn” program! This program includes actual conversations and check-ins with your coach and accountability partner/team, homework assignments to keep you on track and racking up wins, and support…LOTS of support!


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1 on 1 Coaching

When you enroll in 1 ON 1 Coaching with me, I’m available to work with you on every aspect of your business, including how your business progress impacts you personally. It’s my holistic coaching approach that cares for you as a WHOLE person. (Not all coaches do that!)

1 on 1 coaching and accountability from Amy for a private and direct experience.

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I love my clients!

"As a coach and mentor, Amy has a gentle way of pushing you just a little out of your comfort zone in a warm and loving way. Amy is inspiring, honest, vulnerable and encouraging. She has a way of being a little ahead of you and beside you at the same time. If you are looking to Level Up, I highly recommend Your Development Resource."

Erin G.

Working with Amy has been an amazing experience! She is the perfect person for working with women entrepreneurs: she listens well, really helps you figure out any mind blocks & has so many resources to help you grow your business & yourself too! 

Sharon P.

It has been a true pleasure and investment getting to know Amy. Her approach is simple, yet impactful, and it's virtually impossible to walk away from a meeting with Amy without feeling inspired to improve yourself as a business owner.

Katie D.

"Working with Amy in her Success Pod was a wonderful experience. She helped me clarify my goals, map out a game plan and then, most importantly, kept me accountable so I succeeded in reaching my goals. She has a knack of listening to you and pulling out what matters vs what are excuses."

Success Pod Love:

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business psychologist

I help women in business define their personal + professional visions and accomplish the goals that will get them there.

Hi! I'm Amy, CEO of Your Development Resource

It’s easy to be goal setters; I teach my clients to be goal GETTERS!

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The Golden Keys



 The obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions.

"Accountability led to her success."

"Studies show that you increase your chances of success by up to 95% when you have regular meetings with an accountability partner."

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