Beating the Vacation Blues

Since my last post was about the importance of scheduling a vacation, it seems appropriate that today I post about returning to “real life” after vacation.  Believe me when I say I really did not want to return to work after a week at the beach.  REALLY. DID. NOT.  However, I did return to work […]

Why You Need to Schedule a Vacation Before You Know You Need a Vacation

As you may have guessed, I am currently on vacation and have had an epiphany about vacations. I am a very goal-oriented, motivated person who rarely takes “down time.” I like to go to bed at night thinking about how productive I was that day. I would not say I live a highly stressful life, […]


I’m so glad that you’ve found Your Development Resource for Personal + Professional Development — that’s me!  I have been a “student’ of how to live a positive, healthy, fulfilling life for almost 20 years, devouring (as much as a mom of three with a full time career possibly can!) articles, books, videos, etc. about […]