I’m so glad that you’ve found Your Development Resource for Personal + Professional Development — that’s me!  I have been a “student’ of how to live a positive, healthy, fulfilling life for almost 20 years, devouring (as much as a mom of three with a full time career possibly can!) articles, books, videos, etc. about all things related to personal and professional development.  Now I am sharing the best of what I find, along with some insights from my own life experiences, with others who know there’s always room for improvement.

So what does being “Your Development Resource” mean?  It means I’ll offer thoughts and information that you can apply to your personal life (like becoming more self-aware and practicing self-care), information that you can apply to your professional life (like networking and leadership), and information that you can apply to your whole life (like “work-life balance” and boosting motivation.)  My mission is to inspire and inform so that others can achieve a more positive, healthy, and fulfilling life too!  I look forward to being YOUR personal and professional development resource!

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