Today I reached out to an accomplished, well-respected woman in a more senior position than mine at work. Until today, I had neither met her nor had a conversation with her, but I felt she was someone I should know, someone who might have some answers to my questions.

To my delight, she was gracious, warm, helpful, and offered to mentor me! She gave me a couple of assignments to complete before we talk again, and then what really struck me was that she told me, “be brave.” It reminded me of when my son was 6 years old and he went down a big water slide by himself, something he was too afraid to do the year before, and he exclaimed with all his little kid sweetness, “I was so brave!”

I had not thought about steps taken to advance my career as brave. Out of my comfort zone maybe, but not brave. But brave does have a better sound to it, doesn’t it? Like you’ve really done something big with your day!

So going forward, I’m adopting this phrase for every challenge and uncomfortable situation I need or want to face. And I’m offering it to you too: Be brave!


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