Have you accomplished everything you want to accomplish in this life of yours? I know I haven’t. In fact, I know I have more interests and goals than I will ever have time to get to in this lifetime. So maybe that is why phrases like “just killing time” or “wasting time” and “I have nothing to do” drive me crazy! Time is precious. We only get one life and we have no idea how much time is left in it.

Don’t you want to do something bigger with your life? Have you really checked off all your goals and dreams and have nothing left to do? What are you waiting for? Do you not know where to start? Do you think it’s too late?

It’s never too late and there is always something you can do! Every day that you get to wake up is a new opportunity. If you don’t know where to start, then start by brainstorming a list of things you find interesting or want to try. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Italian. Maybe your list has “check out Italian language CDs at the library.” There. Boom. You’re on your way. Now set a goal to listen to the CDs while you’re driving home from work or while you’re cooking dinner. Maybe you find that you love it, maybe you don’t, but you DID something.

You can apply the example above to anything on your list. Make a goal. Make a plan to accomplish the goal. Time is our most precious “non-renewable resource.” When it’s gone, it’s gone. So if there’s something you still want to do in your life, ask yourself this question: “If not now, when?”

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