You know the song “Life is a Highway” and the inspirational words “life is about the journey not the destination.” I’m going to throw another travel metaphor at you: A detour is not a stop sign.

Imagine you’re on a road trip that you’re really excited about. A few hours into your drive, you see a detour sign. What do you do? Do you say, “Well, I guess I’ll turn around and go home?” No! You follow the detour (and most likely hear your GPS say, “recalculating route”) and eventually end up at your desired destination.

So why when facing a detour or road block on your personal or professional journey would you stop? You’ll hear some people say, “It was a sign…I’m not meant to be doing this.” Right. Or maybe, your cosmic GPS is course correcting you!

Here are 4 reminders for maneuvering your detour:

1. Revisit your “why.” Maybe you’ve gotten a little off course and this detour is occurring to teach you something. If you still believe in why you’re working toward your personal/professional goal, then figure out how to get back on track.

2. Go to your support system. Your people who know your goals and your passion will help get you back on course. They won’t let you give up too easily!

3. Stick to the facts. Don’t let your mind go overboard and make the detour more dire than it really is. (Avoid words like “never.” As in, “I’m never going to be successful.”)

4. Remember that success is not a straight path and there are no overnight successes.

When driving toward your goals, learn along the way and enjoy the ride. Know where you want to go, but have some flexibility in how you get there. Embrace the phrase “Recalculating route…”

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