Are you happy? If not, why not? And why aren’t you doing something about it? What’s the payoff for staying unhappy? Do you like having people worry about you? Like to play the “who’s got it worse” game? Or is it easier to stay in an unhappy life than to try for the things that will make you happy or than to possibly fail?

That’s a lot of questions all at once, but if you can deal with your truth, happiness is on the other side.

So are the things that make you unhappy things you can change? Do you want to change? Here’s a few scenarios that might make the list:

Unhappy due to being unfit  —  work out and eat better.

Unhappy due to a bad job —  look for another role/job.

Unhappy due to a bad relationship —  talk or walk.

I know, it’s not that simple. The change won’t happen overnight. No, it won’t, but if there’s even the slimmest of chances that taking that first step (taking a 10 minute walk, searching job posts, explaining to your significant other what you need) will increase your happiness by even 1%, then why don’t you take that chance?

And maybe you unhappiness is due to circumstances that you can’t change. You still have the option to change how you feel and react to the circumstances. Staying unhappy, bitter, resentful, you name it, is a waste of your precious time. There is always something to be happy or grateful for…music, loved ones, travel, the birds chirping…let it in.

The point of this post is, don’t waste the time you have being unhappy. You can make changes and choose to be at least happier. I don’t mean this to sound harsh or insensitive, but to quote Rachel Hollis from her book Girl, Wash Your Face,”if you’re unhappy, that’s on you.” (see also Girl, Wash Your Face…Girl, Read This Book!)



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