I looked around the room and thought about how different we all are. Under what other circumstances would I ever be having these personal conversations with these women?

We were all in attendance for a Women Entrepreneurs Event I was leading. In these events, we have three objectives: Learn. Connect. Support. Once we start talking, we find we have a lot in common. It doesn’t matter our backgrounds or even what businesses we are in. We are brought together by our experiences and our goals.

To the ladies: How many times have you gone to the restroom and ended up having a conversation with a complete stranger (usually about some wardrobe malfunction, makeup issue, or bad dinner date) and you find an instant connection? You don’t have any expectation of ever seeing this person again, but you connect for a few moments.

So what’s the connection? Why can a group of women who share a similar, but yet individual, goal connect? Why can you connect with a stranger in a restroom even without any common goal…and no knowledge of this person’s background, just connecting because of whatever was said at that moment? The connection is authenticity.

The women who attend my “Learn. Connect. Support.” events are their authentic selves. We show up to learn something that will help us grow in our personal and professional development, we network and build relationships, and we support each other’s businesses on social media and by going to each other’s events. We do not show up pretending we already know everything or that we don’t need help. We are not competitive with each other and do not judge. We put our authentic selves out there.

I realize there are risks involved with letting your guard down and being your true self, especially around strangers. But if you really want to find your tribe, you have to be brave and be you. If people don’t accept you as you are, then they are not your tribe. And isn’t it better to find out sooner rather than later? So be brave, be authentic.

Want to live more bravely and authentically? Check this event out: Brave, Not Perfect – The Book Club

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