Last weekend, I took my kids to the pool in my home town. At this pool, there is a high dive and a low dive. As you would imagine, for some kids (heck, for some adults) it is a big, huge, scary deal just to climb the high dive steps and jump off straight forward. Now this is the second year my youngest has been jumping off of either diving board, and his older brother has been doing this for a few years, so I thought I could calmly watch while I soaked up some sun.

Then I saw this boy (not mine) climb the high dive, walk out to the end, and turn around. He was preparing to do something other than just jump straight forward. I saw him prep and then stop and walk forward a couple steps. And prep. And walk forward a couple steps. I found myself saying under my breath, “Don’t chicken out. Don’t chicken out.” I did wonder if he’d tried this dive before. And then I thought, “Well, where else would you practice? You’ve just got to go for it and either nail it or learn from it.” And seconds later, he prepped, jumped backward, and did a beautiful back layout into the water.

How many times do we climb the steps of our metaphorical high dive filled with confidence only to battle self-doubt when we’re ready to jump? Don’t chicken out on the high dive! Something inside you told you your idea is good, you can do this, you believe in yourself…or else you wouldn’t have taken that first step. What’s your high dive? Is it public speaking? Is it making a new and challenging career move? Is it becoming an entrepreneur, writing a book, traveling the world solo? Whatever it is, you had the confidence to take the first steps. Where else are you going to practice this “move?” Just go for it and either nail it or learn from it.


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