When you hear the word “audacious” or “audacity,” does that conjure up a positive or negative vibe? It depends, right? We often hear the word used like “She had the AUDACITY to say…” and it’s a negative scenario. BUT, what about when we talk about personal and professional development and claim our BHAGs, or our “big hairy AUDACIOUS goals”? That’s a positive! And we need more of THAT!

Recently, I started reading You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level up by unlocking your audacity by Erin King. After reading only a few pages, I felt something inside me unlock. Actually, that’s an understatement. What I felt was a flood of realizations about how NOT audacious I am come surging over my usually impenetrable people-pleasing dam. (That’s right. Along with being a “recovering perfectionist” I am also a people-pleaser.)

Although it’s a lesson I preach to my coaching clients (and one that I thought I regularly practiced myself), it was a reminder that we only get one life, so why are we taking care of everyone else’s dreams and happiness first and waiting for some “next life” when we’ll fulfill our own dreams and happiness? Erin King writes about having an “audacity meter.” Sometimes we need to turn that audacity meter down and sometimes we need to turn that audacity meter up. It hit me that I need to turn my audacity meter up…way up…in order to achieve my goals in this one and only lifetime.

As women, most of us have been taught NOT to rock the boat, to keep the peace. I’m not saying stir up trouble or cause discord just because you can. But ask yourself this question, are you always the one to turn down your audacity meter for everyone else? Do you find yourself playing small or being quiet about your goals because it’s the path of least resistance in your relationships? If your answer is yes, I encourage you to think about what you really want for your life and reflect on why you are so ready to please others instead of yourself.

Once you have those answers, I invite you to play with this idea that you have an audacity meter that you control. See what it feels like to turn the dial up just a little. What inner resistance comes up? What resistance do you experience from others? What feels good about turning up the dial? What results are you seeing? You can keep turning up the dial to get the results you want, or maybe you’ll need to play with various levels of audacity in different circumstances. Regardless, know that you have this tool in your toolbelt to get closer to your goals…if you have the audacity to try it!

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