1. Don’t quit. You have to know that your next big breakthrough is just around the corner.

Although social media would have you believe otherwise, there really are no overnight successes. Instead, there are entrepreneurs who are continually learning, trying, pivoting, reinventing, and consistently working until they LOOK like they were an “overnight success” by the time you see them.

2. Have some fun. Constant hustle and grind leads to burn out. Being a woman business owner is not all mimosas and fun. BUT…

Ok, yes, you can have mimosas and fun! Just not all the time. And neither do you have to subscribe to the hustle and grind work style ALL the time. You don’t reach goals by being busy and stressed beyond enjoyment! Instead, be intentional about how you want to work your business. (After all, you DID become an entrepreneur to be your own boss and have the freedom to call your own shots, right?) Stay focused. Be productive. Reach your goals. Celebrate. Repeat!

3. Find other women in business you admire and emulate (but not IMITATE!) the qualities you love about them. It’s great to have role models as a reminder that if they can do it, so can you! Even better if you have a support group of business besties you can meet up with regularly. No one understands what you’re going through as a woman entrepreneur like other women entrepreneurs!

Need some help setting up a business you’ll love? Or maybe want to tweak your existing business to find a happier work mode? I can help!

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