Hello! This is Amy, Your Development Resource for personal + professional development.

I help women get unstuck from the self-doubt and fear that is holding them back so they can identify their passion, take action to confidently share their gifts with the world, and live up to their full potential!

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education (several years ago) and more recently a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. During the years between these two degrees, I was a teacher, an office administrator, a stay at home mom, and a corporate business woman.

I understand what it means to be successful in a job but still searching for passion and purpose.

When I started studying Business Psychology, I immediately fell in love with learning about the mind and how we can assess our thinking and behavior to find better “fit” in our work lives. One thing led to another and I began presenting on topics like “The Power of Positivity” and “From Goal Setter to Goal Getter.” Presenting helped me realize that my gift and purpose has always been teaching. I put that together with my passion for being a resource to others, and now I’m doing what I love…personal + professional development coaching!

And a bit about me personally…I am married and have three boys. I love to exercise, especially taking cycling classes, running, and resistance training. I volunteer at Dress for Success and Girls on the Run. And I love to read! I devour personal + professional development books as much as possible!