Better Solutions Through Awareness

How does your stress manifest? Maybe it’s not so much “stress” as it is mental or emotional clutter that elicits a physical response from you. How do you work through that? Do you even realize that you are responding to what’s happening internally? In other words, are you aware? Here’s an example. I’ve been blessedContinue reading “Better Solutions Through Awareness”

Are YOU on Your List This Holiday Season? Two simple self-care tips

A week into December already! If it’s not yet, I bet your December calendar is filling up fast. If you’re like me, you have a variety of lists started…the Christmas card list, the presents list, the Christmas cookie list, the grocery list of what to buy in order to make the Christmas cookies on thatContinue reading “Are YOU on Your List This Holiday Season? Two simple self-care tips”

10 Tricks and Tips to Find Your Positive Groove

Whether you are generally a positive person who gets in the occasional negative funk or you are generally a negative person but you would like to experience the power of positivity, here are 10 of my favorite tricks and tips that can help you find your positive groove. Dress better than you feel. Do somethingContinue reading “10 Tricks and Tips to Find Your Positive Groove”

What If You Loved Yourself As You Are?

Have you seen Amy Schumer’s movie, I Feel Pretty, yet? If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you here. I will just tell you that I watched it last night and want to recommend it to the following people: 1. AnyoneContinue reading “What If You Loved Yourself As You Are?”

In a Self-Care State of Mind

Self-care is so vital for both you and for all of the people you help take care of. How can you keep giving of yourself if you burn out and have nothing left to give? This concept of self-care can be difficult at first, (mom guilt, spouse guilt, worker guilt), but with a little practiceContinue reading “In a Self-Care State of Mind”

Beating the Vacation Blues

Since my last post was about the importance of scheduling a vacation, it seems appropriate that today I post about returning to “real life” after vacation.  Believe me when I say I really did not want to return to work after a week at the beach.  REALLY. DID. NOT.  However, I did return to workContinue reading “Beating the Vacation Blues”

Why You Need to Schedule a Vacation Before You Know You Need a Vacation

As you may have guessed, I am currently on vacation and have had an epiphany about vacations. I am a very goal-oriented, motivated person who rarely takes “down time.” I like to go to bed at night thinking about how productive I was that day. I would not say I live a highly stressful life,Continue reading “Why You Need to Schedule a Vacation Before You Know You Need a Vacation”