Ready to get serious about transforming your life?

Let me guess. You’ve spent most of your life putting others needs ahead of your own, or you don’t feel that you deserve to invest in yourself, or you’re just plain scared to take any action steps forward. (“I’m not ready.” “What if I fail?”) Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll view the right webinar, read the right book, or attend the right conference. That’ll do it.”

But let’s be honest. Books, webinars, and conferences are all good, but once they’re over, where’s the support, the motivation, and the accountability you need to keep you moving forward? Studies show that you increase your chances of success by up to 95% when you have regular meetings with an accountability partner…not by just reading a book or attending an event.

So how does coaching work?

Getting started is simple and it’s free! Schedule your free Success Strategy Session with me. We’ll chat for about 20 minutes to get to know each other a bit, discuss your goals, and discuss how I can support your growth and development. When we decide to proceed in a coaching relationship, we’ll determine when and where to have our meetings. (Zoom call? Coffee shop?) I offer a 3-month package with flexible scheduling.

Our meetings are designed to EMPOWER YOU!

You set your goals. I support you by helping you build on your strengths and grow from your challenges. At the end of each meeting, we set action steps for the week which we discuss in the next week’s meeting. (Accountability!)